ToneLib GFX Android support for external mobile interfaces

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    Any plans and dates for support android for ToneLib GFX? Searching forum I found only one reference to it, and it looks really promising :) Thanks a lot for your effort! But I was not ale to pick my external USB interface (xsonic xtone) as a input device, only output :( So, is there any idea to continue develop app for android to support various USB audio interfaces? Thanks!
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    The ToneLib GFX application is an Android application that provides mobile interfaces for guitar and bass devices. It provides users with effects and sound settings to create diverse sounds for their instruments.
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    Among the applications that support guitar and bass devices on Android, ToneLib GFX is a great choice for those who love music and want to create unique sounds. And with Mod APK version, users can enjoy more attractive features to get a better music listening experience.
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    MX Player is a popular and versatile media player application that allows users to play various types of video and audio files on their devices. Developed by J2 Interactive, it has gained immense popularity, particularly in India, due to its wide range of features and user-friendly interface. As of my last update in September 2021, here is a description of MX Player: