Meet TL GFX Custom presets
Meet new TL GFX custom presets site section

Meet ToneLib GFX custom presets collection

March 13, 2023

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new site section, where collections of custom TL GFX presets will be published. There you will find community favorite presets in style of famous bands and legendary guitarists, which gained the highest ratings from the users, as well as author's presets from our team and our friends.

Currently, the collection of custom presets published in the catalog has more than 100 different guitar tones for every taste: from crystal cleans to heavy high-gains. We plan to regularly expand this collection of custom TL GFX presets. You can  subscribe to our newsletter  in order not to miss the weekly updates of the presets library, or join our Facebook group to be the first to know about new presets.

Since the first day of TL GFX's online preset service, users have had the possibility to post their guitar tones and share them through the official forum. However, as our community grew, we realized that it's not convenient for all the users to search through the forum posts for new presets, and many decent guitar tones remain unnoticed among the community.

Our goal was to make dealing with user presets more convenient and visual and, at the same time, to catalog the most successful creations of our users submitted to the forum and share them with as many guitarists as possible.

Try out TL GFX completely free for 30-day trial period.

Still haven't tried TL GFX? Now is a great time to change that! Having presets prepared by experienced users will allow you to immediately get a quality guitar tone in the style most suitable for you, even if you haven't had an experience with this kind of software yet. Once you understand the basics of building an effects chain in TL GFX, you can customize your presets to make your guitar tone fit your ideas even better. Get your free TL GFX now and try out all of its features for a 30-day trial period.

Our team is constantly working on making our products more intuitive and better for our users. We believe that this collection of community favorites will help our users find inspiration and new ideas, allowing them to look at the process of creating a guitar tone from a different angle. Sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss any presets updates.

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