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ToneLib Metal

From razor-sharp shreds to crushing chugs, in this ultimate metal pack you will get it all.

Perfect amp suite for the heaviest genres | TL MetalFrom razor-sharp shreds to crushing chugs | ToneLib Metal
Tonelib Metal - Ideal Amp Suite for Metal Guitar

Ideal Amp Suite for Metal Guitar

Designed specifically for the loudest and heaviest music, TL Metal is perfect for all genres of heavy rock – from teeth-grinding djent and aggressive thrash to crystal-clear shredruns and soulful ballads. Carefully selected amplifiers, complemented by hand modeled effects, enable you to achieve a truly heavy sound. Ignite your guitar with the brightest representatives of the heavy sound world and elevate your guitar playing to a never-before-seen level. From razor-sharp shreds to crushing chugs, in this ultimate metal pack you will get it all.

Effects Collection

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With version 1.2, TL Metal amp suite has been enhanced with Mega Black amplifier. Modeled on the American high-gain classic, this amp will easily provide you with one of the world's best heavy guitar tones. Check it out right away with the new factory presets.

Pv 5152 takes as its core the iconic 5150, whose sound has made thousands famous and won the hearts of millions. From Eddie Van Halen to Gojira, this legendary amp has become the benchmark for heavy guitar sound. 

Comet is one of the first things that pops to mind when it comes to metal amps. With its distinctive deep and powerful voice, it can easily become the backbone of any metal mix.

Inspired by its notorious twin, Fourteen Cali brings out all the subtleties of the modern metal sound at its best. This two-channel monster will open you up to all modern genres of heavy music.

Don’t hesitate to be vulgar by displaying the power of a Pantera amp that will take your guitar playing to a new level.

For many, Jazz 120 is the standard of a clean amp, but even this dark horse will surely be able to impress you. It is here to prove that even clean sound can be wicked and powerful.

The pedals, which stood at the very origins of heavy music, still remain the foundation of the sound made by numerous musicians. Metal Pack could not be considered complete without these mastodons of heavy guitar tone.

These pedals will enable you to add an incredible amount of clarity and articulation to the sound, opening up the possibility of further tone-shaping. They will give you the possibility to perfectly condition your signal for the amplifier section.

The built-in Cabsim will give you the ability to unleash the full potential of your TL Metal amplifiers. It includes 4 virtual microphones which can be positioned around the speakers. In total Cabsim section features more than 300 IRs manually taken from real speakers.

Cabsim with over 300 IRs

There is no necessity to abandon your collection of impulses, carefully picked over time. Simply add them to the TL Metal workspace with the built-in IR Processor. This allows you to expand already impressive Cabsim impulse collection and bring even more character to your sound.

Built-in IR processor | Tonelib

With the built-in Splitter you can create complex effect chains with parallel branching. With its clear and intuitive interface, this useful tool is very easy to use. From using several different cabinets in a chain to creating original effects loops, this feature will make a huge contribution to your tone design process.

Splitter Effect | Tonelib

Audition tool makes it easy to find the guitar tone you want. Record a guitar riff, loop a recorded piece, and set your guitar aside, freeing your hands to fine-tune each effect. This allows you to concentrate entirely on achieving a perfect sound.

Audition - Guitar tone search tool

No DAW Required

TL Metal comes in both VST and Standalone application formats, so you don’t necessarily need to load a DAW to utilize the full power of the Metal Pack. In addition, it includes extra features that are certain to be useful in your guitar daily routine.

Standalone Features

Besides the essential metronome, Rhythm player section includes a built-in drum machine with 99 pre-recorded drum patterns that allow you to master even the most complex rhythms.

The built-in Backing track player lets you practice your favorite songs, allowing you to play downloaded backing tracks. Moreover, you can play it in slow motion without losing quality, perfecting your most difficult solos.

Ideas Recorder lets you make one-click demo recordings of your best and boldest ideas. An idea for a brilliant riff can come at any moment, so it’s always a good idea to keep such a tool close at hand.

Integrated Loop station gives you the ability to bring your wildest ideas to life in real time, or just have fun playing it.

Perfect guitar amp suite for the heaviest music genres | TL Metal

System Requirements

TL Metal comes in 64-bit VST / VST3 / AU / Standalone.

Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac.

Experimental native support for Ubuntu 16.04 or later.

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