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TL GFX - More than just an amp simTL GFX - More than just an amp sim
Tonelib GFX - Ultimate guitar amp modeling software

More than just an amp sim

With TL GFX, a complete guitar studio can now easily fit into one app. The sound of Modeled guitar effects has never come so close to their real-world equivalents. All ToneLib GFX gear is precision-modeled based on actual circuit diagrams of highly-sought-after, real-world products, resulting in an unprecedented dynamic guitar sound. With TL GFX you'll get a first-class guitar sound, and the additional features will make your guitar routine many times more comfortable and enjoyable.

Tonelib GFX - Ultimate guitar amp modeling software

With TL GFX you get:

22 amplifiers based on the most renowned real-world equivalents;

Over 60 models of guitar gear: from overdrive and dynamics control pedals to rack modulation effects;

Over 40 pre-made presets suitable for all genres, allowing you to start playing right away;

Cab sims with over 500 IRs, manually captured from the famous speakers;

Ultimate tools for your day-to-day practice routine: from the essential tuner  to backing-track player and built-in recorder; 

Access to online preset database and Custom presets Collections with 150+ ready-to-use presets.

Effects Collection

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Starting with version 4.7.5, the collection of TL GFX guitar amplifiers has been expanded with Randall-inspired Amp Suite. Famous for their aggressive overdrive, these canonical amps are sure to astonish you. Try out the new amplifiers right away by downloading ready-to-use presets here.

Marshalloids. These amps are known for offering gnarly, saturated “crunch” tones. This distinctive sound is what has led countless rock and metal bands to rely on Marshall amps. Suitable for all genres, from blues to metal, this TL GFX amp series is sure to please.

Vox Family. These iconic amplifiers cannot be left aside when it comes to modeling guitar sound. Regarded more for their clean tones, Vox amps tend to produce an almost bell-like presence for a sweet and articulate quality.

Fender amps are usually quite easy to identify. Although there are many different models available, almost all Fender amps are known for having tremendous amounts of clean headroom and, of course – ridiculous volume. These qualities give Fender amps plenty of dynamic range, which is why country and blues players particularly enjoy them.

High-gain monsters. These amplifiers are well-known for the copious amounts of gain that they have on tap. They are great for those looking for a heavier, more aggressive tone.

For those looking for something different from their sound, we've got a little extra sauce. This section features bass amps that are quite capable of being used for regular guitar in heavier genres of music, as well as a completely clean amp that allows you to create the boldest and most unusual tones with a blank slate. 

Pre-effects. These pedals will enable you to add an incredible amount of clarity and articulation to the sound, opening up the possibility of further tone-shaping. They will give you the possibility to perfectly condition your signal for the amplifier section.

Post effects. These pedals will allow you to bring your most daring and unusual ideas to life. With them you can create a truly unusual, unique and individual tone.

The built-in Cabsim will give you the ability to unleash the full potential of your TL GFX amplifiers. It includes a virtual microphone which can be positioned around the speakers. In total Cabsim section features more than 300 impulse responses manually taken from real speakers.

Cabsim with over 300 IRs

There is no necessity to abandon your collection of impulses, carefully picked over time. Simply add them to the TL GFX workspace with the built-in IR Processor. This allows you to expand already impressive Cabsim impulse collection and bring even more character to your sound.

Built-in IR processor | Tonelib

With the built-in Splitter you can create complex effect chains with parallel branching. With its clear and intuitive interface, this useful tool is very easy to use. From using several different cabinets in a chain to creating original effects loops, this feature will make a huge contribution to your tone design process.

Splitter Effect | Tonelib

Audition tool makes it easy to find the guitar tone you want. Record a guitar riff, loop a recorded piece, and set your guitar aside, freeing your hands to fine-tune each effect. This allows you to concentrate entirely on achieving a perfect sound.

Audition - Guitar tone search tool

No DAW Required

TL GFX comes in both VST and Standalone formats, so you don’t necessarily need a DAW to utilize its full power. In addition, it includes extra features that are certain to be useful in your guitar daily routine.

Standalone Features

Besides the essential metronome, Rhythm player section includes a built-in drum machine with 99 pre-recorded drum patterns that allow you to master even the most complex rhythms.

The built-in Backing track player lets you practice your favorite songs, allowing you to play downloaded backing tracks. Moreover, you can play it in slow motion without losing quality, perfecting your most difficult solos.

Ideas Recorder lets you make one-click demo recordings of your best and boldest ideas. An idea for a brilliant riff can come at any moment, so it’s always a good idea to keep such a tool close at hand.

Integrated Loop station gives you the ability to bring your wildest ideas to life in real time, or just have fun playing it.

TL GFX - More than just an amp sim

System Requirements

TL GFX comes in 64-bit VST / VST3 / AU / Standalone.

Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac.

Experimental native support for Ubuntu 16.04 or later.

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