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We are excited to announce that our team has finished working on the 4.8.0 update for TL GFX.

The main new feature that has been focused on in this update is the Collections section in the TL GFX Preset browser, which is designed to make it significantly easier to use the community's custom presets provided in the online catalog on the website. The new section will allow you to download and work with custom presets directly within the TL GFX interface.

In addition, we have improved the Online Presets section by fixing several bugs that occur on loading and updating preset catalog pages. We have managed to improve the overall stability when working with a significantly grown Online preset database.

Collections Section in Preset Browser

Now, to try out the custom community presets featured in the online catalog, you no longer have to download and add them to your local catalog manually - you can access them directly from the TL GFX interface.

On the Collections tab, you'll find favorite community presets that have been highly rated by TL GFX users, alongside with original presets built by TL team. These presets will help you quickly and effortlessly get a guitar tone in the style of famous guitarists or your favorite band. Also these presets may become a great foundation for your own unique tone. The visual interface will allow you to easily navigate through the collections.

Edit, save and add the best presets from the ToneLib GFX community to your own preset bank.

TL GFX Latest Custom Presets

Online Presets - Bug fixes and Improvements

Rndl Lynch Based on the famous Randall Amp | ToneLib GFX

While working on the update, we've also paid special attention to improving the Online Presets module. An error that made it impossible for some users to load the Online Presets catalog pages has been fixed. A bug that caused TL GFX to crash when trying to update the presets catalog on some systems has been fixed.

In addition, we have optimized the processes involved in operating the online preset database to improve the stability and efficiency of working with online presets.


What's new

  • Collections section for accessing custom community presets within the TL GFX interface;
  • Online Presets Browser performance stability;
  • Interface scaling quality for Windows and Linux;
  • Optimize CPU usage.

What's fixed

  • Online Presets: Bugs causing unstable functioning of the Online Presets section;
  • Online Presets: An error causing the Online presets browser page to fail to refresh;
  • Minor GUI bugs;
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements.