Registration Troubleshooting

Tonelib uses a license key system to unlock the full versions of our software. After purchasing, you will receive a license key with your order confirmation email. The license key must be copied and pasted into the program to activate it. The license key begins and ends with the # sign. The entire thing must be entered to ensure functionality, eg:

#g6kmh163. … 252b3c2pqtz#

We recommend copying and pasting the key as opposed to typing it into the dialog box.

Coping license key
Entering license key

If you are having problems registering the license, it generally means that you are either entering incorrect license information. Please start by copying and pasting the license information from the email you received into notepad (or similar text editor), and then make sure to remove any added spaces or line breaks. We have observed that some email clients can end up reformatting the key info, so first copying it into a text editor can help identify any formatting modifications. After removing any added spaces or line breaks, copy and paste from notepad into Tonelib Registration Wizard. That should do the trick. If you still have problems after that, please contact us directly at the ToneLib Contact Page.