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ToneLib Zoom is an application that is compatible with some Zoom effect pedals (see the Supported Devices list). Using this app, you can manipulate the pedal’s effects through your computer.

Important terms in ToneLib

The On/Off status and parameter settings of each effect are stored as "Patches." Use the patches to recall and save effects.

Installing and launching ToneLib

How to start using

Windows users:

The editor for the connected device will appear.

Screen overview - Editor

Interface guide | TL Zoom
  1. Create/Restore back-up buttons.
  2. Pedal Tuner On/Off button.
  3. Undoing/Apply the last change to a patch.
  4. Connected device indicator.
  5. Re-scan devices button.
  6. Effects chain panel.
  7. Patch volume panel ( only G1x and B1x pedals ).
  8. Patch list.
  9. Selected effect controls.
  10. Available effects panel.

Using ToneLib Zoom editor

1. Click the patch that you want to edit.

Preset list | TL Zoom

2. Edit the patch name and description on the 'Patch' panel.

Preset description | TL Zoom

3. Drag and drop the effect that you want from the 'Available effects' panel to the "Effects chain" panel.

Adding new effect | TL Zoom

4. Specify the placement of the effects on the "Effects chain" panel by dragging and dropping existing effects.

Moving effect | TL Zoom

5. Remove effects by dragging them out of the “Effects chain” panel.

Removing effect | TL Zoom

6. Click the ON / OFF button to toggle the effect activity.

Enabling or disabling effect | TL Zoom

7. Edit the selected effect settings.

Adjusting effect | TL Zoom

8. Adjust a patch volume (if available).

Adjusting Preset Volume | TL Zoom

9. You can always undo the changes if you are not happy with the sound.

Saving Changes | TL Zoom