The ToneLib is an easy-to-use librarian which allows you to see all the settings in every VOX® ToneLab ST program, and allows save them on your computer. You can also create complete back-ups of all the tones in your device and restore them from your computer. Using drag and drop to rearrange patches makes managing easy and fun. You can even share your patches with others or use a cool patch someone else created.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between the VOX® ToneLab ST, ToneLib, and the computer, and shows the commands used for exchanging data between these components.

Device Window

The Device Window displays Programs in the ToneLab ST as lists. The Device Window is where most of the action takes place when you exchange data with the VOX® ToneLab; it provides the interface to the ToneLab's memory and program libraries.

The Device Window has a total of one hundred programs, consisting of rewritable user programs (Read-Write No.0-49) and preset programs (Read Only No.50-99).

Library Window

Just as with the Device Window, Programs are displayed as lists, and you can edit names and change the order in which the information appears. You can have multiple Library Windows open at the same time. You can copy and paste the data in one Library Window to and from the Device Window and other Library Windows.

Data you intend to use for a particular purpose can be collected and arranged in one window. The data you include there might belong to a certain musical genre, or might have been created by a certain artist. Afterwards, simply by saving the content of the window in a file, you can create your own library.

Before you start a ToneLib application, ToneLab ST USB-MIDI Driver is needed to be installed. You can download the ToneLab ST USB-MIDI Driver from the VOX website.

Reading data

When you run "File->Receive" or click the "Receive" button, all Programs in the ToneLab's memory are read into the Device Window.

Editing and saving data

Whether you are in the Device Window or the Library Window, you can rename or sort the entries in the program list. You can also save the content of Library Windows as files.

Writing Data

When you issue the command "File->Transmit" or click the "Transmit" button, all Programs in the Device Window are written to the ToneLab's memory.

ToneLib requires Microsoft® Windows 2000/Me/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7. If you are running any of these operating systems and have a Windows-compatible mouse or pointing device, your system has already met all the requirements necessary to run ToneLib for Windows.