ToneLib Jam – the learning and practice software for guitar players

The learning and practice software for guitar players

What is Tonelib JAM?

The Tonelib JAM is a software for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music for guitar and other fretted instruments. You can use Tonelib JAM for regular guitar practicing, for learning songs or for advancing your performance skills to the next level. The Tonelib JAM makes it easy to create backing tracks from just about any song. The internal player lets you change the playback tempo while keeping the same pitch and has facilities to loop a section of the music.

Who needs Tonelib JAM?

If you’re an absolute beginner, Tonelib JAM is a perfect way of start learning to play an instrument. Find the tabs (or music sheet) of your favorite song or a music exercise, load it and start playing! Using the Speed Training loop function, you can learn even the hardest music pieces step by step. You can even use 3D View to make your study process look like a game.

Tonelib JAM 3D View

If you’re an intermediate musician and you’re looking for the place you can practice in the most comfortable way, Tonelib JAM is just what you need! Forget about the billions of windows with tabs, audio plugins, backing track players, MIDI interfaces etc. Now you can connect all these things in only one application. In Tonelib JAM you can place your backing track just next to the tabs, so you can associate your audio file and the current music bars. Also, you can choose the most comfortable tempo to play. Using the Instrument Mapping Scheme, you can create your own unique sound using your favorite audio plugins or the default ones according to the music genre you prefer.

Tonelib JAM is perfectly suitable for the musicians ready to write their own music and need to create an arrangement for it in the easiest way. Tonelib JAM is a functionally complete software which provides wide tool range for creating tabs and music sheets.

Why Tonelib JAM?

The Tonelib JAM is designed to be simple and easy-to-use. In the Tonelib JAM you’ll find solution that is perfect for you to help you transcribe, compose, arrange, learn and teach. It has a ton of features and includes extra goodies like importing and exporting files and playing sound libraries like drums and guitars:

  • Supports GuitarPro, PowerTab, TuxGuitar and RockSmith files;
  • Add timing, note values, key signatures, insert and move new music bars;
  • Full selection of tablature symbols such as hammers, pulls, bend variations, palm muting, legato slides, and tapping;
  • Chord dictionary makes it easy to add chords to your work and you can add chord names above your music;
  • Playback your work via internal synth;
  • Offers audio support for all instruments, from stringed instruments to drums, piano, etc;
  • Print great looking scores complete with chords at the top of the page;

Download ToneLib JAM and try it out!

This is the best way to learn what it can do.

ToneLib JAM for Windows

Windows 64-bit

  • ToneLib JAM supports all Windows versions from Windows 7 and later.

ToneLib JAM for OSX

Mac OS X 64-bit

  • ToneLib JAM supports all macOS X versions from 10.9 and later.

ToneLib JAM for Linux

Ubuntu 64-bit

  • Tonelib has native support for Ubuntu 16.04 or later, and the Windows version works well with WINE.